Sky Royal

Comfortable, stylish, aristocratic

105 square meters
Each of our apartments is unique
Square footage
105 square meters
Number of bedrooms
one bedroom
View from the window
panoramic view of Eurasia tower and Oko Tower
Number of bathrooms
The possibility of holding an event
the apartment is suitable for events
Number of beds
2 main and 1 additional
up to 4 people for accommodation and a maximum of 20 people for the event, the cost depends on the number of guests
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Sky Royal (скай роял)
Moscow, Presnenskaya embankment, 12, Federation West Tower
Entrance from the Sixty restaurant.

At your service

House keeping
The daily maintaining of cleanliness of the apartment.
Free wireless Internet access for our guests.
Room service
Wide menu of dishes, goods and services.
Assistance in solving non-linear tasks.
Wellness center
Best fares to visit a widely known spa center Nebo.
Special Parking offer.
Reservation process & check-out
Approval of the apartment
The booking Manager helps to choose the apartment for the dates of interest to the guest and reports the cost depending on the format of accommodation and the number of guests.
Advance payment
After agreeing on the terms of stay, the guest pays 50% of the cost of accommodation. The Manager will send a booking confirmation form, which contains all the details of the reservation.
Check-in time is 15:00. Guests must inform the property of their check-in 20 minutes prior to arrival. The check-in Manager meets the guest in the lobby of the tower, escorts to the apartment, signs the Accommodation Form, makes a copy of the passport (front page and last registration), accepts the final payment in case of partial payment, accepts the Security Deposit (or takes a photo of the front page of the guarantee card), gives the keys.
Guest have to inform hotel manager about time they plan to check-out. The keys have to left at the reception in the lobby.
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Make reservation
What is Security Deposit?
A refundable Security Deposit of RUB 15'000 for standard accommodation and RUB 30'000 for events up to 20 people will be charged at the time of arrival. The Deposit will guarantee a refund of any damages that may be incurred during your stay. In case of damage, the act is drawn up in the presence of the guest, after which the amount of compensation for the required repairs is determined. We also accept Bank cards as an insurance guarantee.
Is Smoking possible in the apartment?
All apartments are non-Smoking. In case of violation – the penalty 10 '000 rubles with average smoke and more then 10' 000 rubles in the case of heavy smoke.
Helium tanks?
Is strictly prohibited.
How is the damage regulated?
In the result of infliction of harm shall be drawn and the guest will be charged for restoration and repair work.
Loss of given card or key?
Loss or failure of any of the keys is 1'000 rubles per piece.
Change in the stated number of guests?
If the number of guests exceeds the stated, the reservation Manager recalculates the cost of renting an apartment. If the number of guests significantly exceeds the standard of accommodation, management reserves the right to evict guests at any time without refund.
Who is responsible for the apartment?
The guest who provides his / her passport at the time of check-in is responsible for the rented property, including responsibility for the actions of all his / her guests.
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